Can you draw famous logos from memory?

By February 16, 2020April 25th, 2020Branding, Design
Фирменный стиль компании и дизайн логотипа на Кипре

Here’s a fun game: can you draw a famous logo from memory? How about BMW, Ferrari, Apple, Adidas, or Starbucks logo?

Companies spend millions dollars to reserve a tiny space in our heads that would help instantly recognize their brand logo design. How efficiently do you think that budget is actually spent? To find this out we conducted hilarious memory tests, asking more than 100 people to draw famous logos as accurately as possible. The only trick was that they have to do it without any visual aids, simply from their memory. Before you jump to the results, take a piece of paper and try to draw BMW, Ferrari, Apple, Adidas, and Starbucks logo yourself. The result will be astonishing.

It is interesting how the image of these famous brand logos vary from person to person. Despite the differences, many participants managed to get the colors right, which proves the importance of color combination for a memorable logo. As color psychology suggests people have an emotional connection with color first, and then with shapes or words.

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